Donnerstag, 14. November 2019

Disco Not Disco

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In the early 80's New York was the melting pot where a different kind of disco music could grow. It was the hottest music beyond punk and new wave in these days. Sadly a lot of people missed this fantastic sound because only a few DJ's got the intuition of this kind of music and the dance floors weren't ready for them. It was called by the press as No Wave or dance punk but it was essential  club music with it's roots in funk, dub, reggae, Afrobeat and punk. Most songs were based on a floor of a great bass guitar with a straight rhythm and danceable. A few years ago a compilation was released with songs from this time and genre and named Disco Not Disco. A few days ago another compilation was released and also filled with gems from these days. If you listen to the songs they made decades before you can imagine where many DJ's went to school.

Liquid Liquid - Cavern
Shrieback - My Spin (Is A Bassline)
Delta 5 - Mind Your Own Business

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3 good tunes there Walter.