Samstag, 9. Februar 2019


Bildergebnis für the specials encore

As I heard the news that The Specials are going to release a new album I was not sure what I should expect. My first thought was that the members need a bit of cash for their benefit and for second I couldn't imagine that they were able to hit me with their music like they did 40 years ago. After listening to the album I can say that it is a bit more than old wine in new tubes. Their new songs are different to their ska-punk in 1979. Sometimes a bit more jazzy with horns, another time spoken words to a Sly and Robbie reggae rhythm. With Hall and Golding two of three forming members are present, however, musically happens little new, however, politically the songs are still statements: Today instead of Reagan and Thatcher lunatics like Trump and May have taken over the asylum.

The only song that comes close to their origin sound is this one:

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