Mittwoch, 20. Juni 2018

Teenage Drama

Bildergebnis für the knack

During the last weeks I was absent from music because their were too many other things I had to do. First a few friends from Sri Lanka were at my place to spent their days off at my place; then I had to finish some new codings at my office and then I enjoyed some days off without any duties. Now my hiatus is over and I can start regular postings during the next weeks. Sometimes I thought about new inspirations outside of new releases and I didn't find any solution. Then a few days ago it happened that a very old song shuffled up on my mobile phone while I was on the way to my office. It is almost 40 years ago when The Knack appeared on the scene. Nothing more than a band that made the music for masses at the right time. But You're Number Or You're Name is one of these songs that transports the feelings of young people and I can remember how it felt at these days. I am not sure if it will be a small series of songs that tell us the dilemmas of very young people but it could happen. Anyway a great pop song - sadly forgotten.

Saw your face from a window
Now I can't let it go
But I don't know your number or your name
If I only could phone you
I could say what I want to
When I'm trying to catch your eye
You'r stepping out of view

The Knack - You're Number Or You're Name

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