Freitag, 29. Juni 2018

Another Great Re-Release

Bildergebnis für Crooked Fingers – Red Devil Dawn

Now, finally, it is a fact that Germany is not the unbeatable team during a tournament which all the same as badly they play, they will get into the next round. This team didn't show me everything I expect from them: playing a fast and inspired football and the will to win. Too many players that won most of the titles they could win and not able and willing to give all to succeed. Anyway, this World Cup is over and I am glad that better teams can show what they are able to play. Now I am looking forward what the English and Belgium teams will show in this tournament.

Sometimes it happens that I read the news that an old album was released a long time after it's first release and I ask myself why I had forgotten this record. This happened by the re-release of Red Devil Dawn by Crooked Fingers. It was first  released back in 2003 as the third record by the North Carolina based indie-rock band. It was a record that was played often at my place almost 15 years ago and I remember that I was fascinated by their very unique sound. This crude mixture of Americana, combined with bluesy and melancholy mood made this record worth listening. Sometimes between Springsteen and Waits they create their own kind of music. Listening to this album makes me think that this could be a forgotten classic.

Crooked Fingers - Big Darkness
Crooked Fingers - You Can Never Leave
Crooked Fingers - Bad Man Coming
Crooked Fingers - You Through A Spark

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TheRobster hat gesagt…

I don't know what happened to Germany this year - they had nothing. They deserved to go out, but I still cannot believe how bad they were. Mind, a lot of the so-called 'big teams' are struggling. I can't see Argentina, Spain or Portugal doing much, and Brazil aren't entirely convincing either. Maybe it's time for a new name on the trophy. Belgium perhaps? Or even Croatia who have actually been the best team in the tournament so far.

Brian hat gesagt…

Was thinking about you and Dirk during the match. Didn't expect those uninspired performances from Germany. The reissue is often reuniting with an old friend. The best.