Sonntag, 3. Juni 2018

Stone Tumbling Stream

Bildergebnis für jon langford

It was a year ago when I got connected with Spotify. The main reason was that they got almost any good record in their offer and a lot of new releases are available. During  the time I built up a library of a lot of albums there from the last decades. That makes me free not to copy any album on my mobile phone when I would like to listen to away from home. When I listen to music this way in the background they work on my profile and identify my musical preferences. Every week on Friday they provide new releases according to my musical preferences. So I can check out on my one hour train ride to my office what's new. To be honest, not everything new fits to me and I skip to the next one. But a few are worth to investigate for more. One of those was Mark Lanegans new single from my yesterday post. The other is a new one by Jon Langford. Together with his long time companion Martin Bramah he recorded a few songs in Budapest a couple of years ago. Stone Tumbling Stream is a song that is reduced to a simple electric guitar and two voices chanting their lyrics. This might be the reason why I choose my old Three John's records when I came home from work.

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