Mittwoch, 27. Juni 2018

House Again

Bildergebnis für george best

Sadly saw Island playing their last game at the WC. They were so much better in the first half and they had to make a few goals. But they lost against Croatia. I really loved this team because they showed to me everything that means football to me: passion, volition to win, faith in their abilities and never giving up. For me it is the team of the tournament.

As you might know, my musical taste changes from time to time. I am into every kind of genre that was published throughout the last decades. At this time I feel save with some electronic music and I can't tell you the reason why it is this way. Sometimes an artist release a new record that is out of my radar in new music but listening to it it gives me some kind of thrill. This happened to me when I listened to the new album by Martijn Dejikers aka Martyn, a Dutch producer and DJ. He started working on a drum and bass sound and included techno and jungle to his sound. Last year he almost suffered a near-fatal heart attack. His latest album Voids is the essence of his work. Songs with a warm and also rainy-day atmosphere and moody drums. It is not the music for every day but it works fine for me at this time.

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TheRobster hat gesagt…

Iceland overachieved at the Euros two years ago so expectation is higher than ever. The fact they qualified for their first World Cup is a massive achievement in itself. The fact that one in seven of the male population of the country made the squad shows how they lack resources yet managed to attain such a feat. I agree with you - it's a proper football team, playing for the right reasons. Sadly, Argentina got through which is an absolute travesty given their performances in the tournament. They are sure to go out against France in the next round.

The Swede hat gesagt…

Like you, this is not the genre of music I'd necessarily listen to every day, but I enjoyed these Martyn tracks a great deal this morning Walter.