Mittwoch, 30. November 2016

You Do Right

Bildergebnis für can band

What a few horrible days at work since I came back from my break. A lot of colleges were off to waste their last leave entitlement and my boss as well. He's hanging around in Jamaica but I suppose that he won't ever get a feeling to the people and the culture. So he left us with a big lot of jobs to do that should be executed until the end of next week. So I hurry from right to left to fulfil his needs as possible as I am able to. The last days I came home after a ten hour work at the office and I wanted nothing more than a beer with my mates after work. But be sure - there are brighter days ahead. Until then I relax with a classic Krautrock by Can. Still a band that was groundbreaking in this genre. It is almost 40 years ago since they released this song. If you have the time than take a journey to German Krautrock/Psychedelia and relax as well as I do this sound.

Can - Yoo Doo Right

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