Montag, 21. November 2016

Memories From My Vacation To The USA

Bildergebnis für the passions

I have to go back to the days when I stayed in Florida a few weeks ago. When we drove from one place to another we used to listen to the radio. What was new to me there are a lot of stations playing their music on satellite radio. Most of them played music that was classified in various genres. Old school rock, high school guitar sound or hit stations were often found. We found a radio station that played new wave music from the early 80's all day long. There were so many bands I forgot about them during the last years and was so surprised to listen to their songs on the air. One of those bands are The Passions, a British post-punk band formed in the late 70's. They disbanded in 1983 after the release of a few LP's. When I came home I grabbed out their first record Michael & Miranda from 1980 and listen to their old fashioned songs. But they are still worth to listen again with their bass dominated and retard guitar sound with the voice of Barbara Gogan. Guitar player Clive Timberley played former together with Joe Strummer by The 101ers. Not too bad requirements for a bigger career. Sadly they are just another forgotten  band in the history.

The Passions - Haunted
The Passions - Needles and Pills
The Passions - Body And Soul
The Passions - Oh No, It's You


C hat gesagt…

Very evocative, thanks for taking me back in time! I bought and loved I'm In Love With A German Film Star when it came out, and it did quite well in the UK charts too. I wonder what happened to them, they were very much a part of that early 80s sound. I saw them live then once too - supported by the band my boyfriend (now husband!) was in!

Echorich hat gesagt…

Once I hear I'm In Love With A German Film Star I sought out more from The Passions. I found that their particular version of Post-Punk/New Wave was deeply influenced by 70's art rock and this gave their sound a certain shimmer. I also felt like there was a kinship with Television and some early Blondie. Jump For Joy and Needles and Pill were also favorites of mine. Michael & Miranda is such an eerie, and entrancing album.

charity chic hat gesagt…

Looking forward to listening to these Walter - only familiar with German Film Star

The Swede hat gesagt…

I'm unable to play these Walter. Anyone else having similar problems?

Walter hat gesagt…

I changed the links - hope you can listen now to these songs.