Dienstag, 29. November 2016

From The In-Box

From all the music that arrived during the last weeks only less music is worth to listen more than one song. Oddly these time it was basically electronic music that is worth to feature at this place.

The first one is by an Italian artist based in Rome. Tony Aurino is the man behind 2A at the Playground. He studied piano and drums, built his own home studio to realize his first full record. His songs are based on a handmade drum-sound added with ingredients influenced by Led Zeppelin, Beastie Boys and Chemical Brothers. How to describe his sound? Probably a perfect mixture of blues influenced electrical Trip Hop. And as a compliment - not only to copy them - it's more something very own.

The next band Athyrium is one I know less about. The internet tells me that it is a specious of fern (in this way lady-fern). The band/project is based in Seattle and obtain their inspiration on Bristol based Trip Hop. They do it in their way and their songs are well worth to listen. Downtempo songs with great voices. Not too bad for a new band.

The last one is very different to the ones before. 12 Cents For Marvin is from the new record by a band that is still together since 20 years. Playing their very own version of a ska-influenced pop, rock and reggae sound. If they show live their enthusiasm to this music it will be worth to join them for a beer or two

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The Swede hat gesagt…

Athyrium would be my pick of the three Walter - a nice tune.