Mittwoch, 23. November 2016

Memories From My Vacation To The USA

Bildergebnis für pet shop boys live 2016

Last week were were out for a concert by The Pet Shop Boys in Saint Petersburg. My mate is a huge fan of the 80's dance sound (and to 80's new wave as well). He found out that they were playing at a smaller venue in Florida. It was more a concert hall than an event for club music. I am not used to watch a concert in a comfortable seat and didn't expected much because I gave my mate a favour. But I was surprised what came to me. A total clear sound with massive basses made made me feel like being in a club. The laser show was perfect and took the music to another level. Almost forgot how many songs PSB made during the last years that were still on my mind. After all it were two hours of really joy that took me back to the early days of pop-dance-floor sound and I have to say that they are pioneers in danceable music with their very own and unique sound fitting to a lot of people.

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Echorich hat gesagt…

I was there as well Walter! It was a great show...PSB's lasers and stage shop presents very well at the Mahaffey in St. Petersburg. Although I believe their 2014 Electric Tour stop there was superior, this show was really wonderful. Their new interpretation of Love Comes Quickly was really great. All the staging manages to really enhance their songs rather than take away from the concert.

Walter hat gesagt…

Glad that you enjoyed the show as well Echorich

Swiss Adam hat gesagt…

Sounds good. I always miss the PSBs when they play.