Freitag, 4. November 2016

Florida, Here I Come

Shauna is doing a well job promoting new artists. On last bank holiday I checked out the emails about new artists from the last months. I was astonished how many great artists appeared on the scene and I didn't heard any note so far. In fact that I will go for holiday to Florida tomorrow for two weeks (I think there will be no more posts until I come back) there are some bands you ought to listen. Young, fresh and deeply based in 80's tradition.

First I want to introduce probably Melbourne's best new psychedelic band. Some might file them under shoegaze but they have more to offer than this. This song could be great if it was released 20 years ago. A bizarre mixture of rhythmic guitar chords overlaid with a sweet sound of the leading voice.

The next one's are from Boston based band Dyr Fazer. It is a 3-peace ensemble making a very unique mixture of darkwave, psychedelic, shoegaze, Krautrock and dream-pop. Very worth to listen and if they could get enough airplay they might get more well known.

In conclusion another band that could be typed to shoegaze. Stella Diana is a band from Naples/Italy. Influenced by classic post-punk bands like Joy Division, The Chameleons, Durutti Column and the Echoe's the combine it with 90's bands like Pale Saints and Slowdive. Very good songs from a record released a few month ago. Try and make a decision of your own.


charity chic hat gesagt…

Enjoy your well earned break Walter

The Swede hat gesagt…

Have a fabulous time Walter. I look forward to hearing all about your trip when you return.

Dirk hat gesagt…

Enjoy your stay there, Walter, and vote wisely next week ... not that you have much of a choice :-)