Mittwoch, 2. November 2016


Bildergebnis für the history of colour tv

Yesterday was the last bank holiday in Southern Germany for this year and I found time to check out the what promotion offers arrived during the last weeks. A lot of them is not worth listening to because it is the same other artists did better. I don't wanna blame any artist for making the music he likes but music should grab me by listening the first time.

One of those that made me want to listen to was The History Of Colour TV. The Berlin-based trio melts different kind of styles in their very unique sound. Influences of progressive rock combined with a collision of majestic pop melodies and rivet gun industrial swathes of noise with a sub current of drone (said by Louder Than War) describes their sound best. Wreck is the first single of their forthcoming third album Something Like Eternity. Looking forward to their full length record.

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