Dienstag, 28. Juli 2015

Twanging Tuesday # 73

Seems like the twangy sound doesn't lose it's attraction to young musicians. La Luz is a Seattle based band that will release their new record Weirdo Shrines these days. Deeply based in surf-rock, The Ventures and Link Wray these four ladies takes us back to the urban sound of the early 1960s. Their songs could be classics if they were released decades ago. Produced by Ty Segall who put fuzz in almost every song. The record includes a few weird love songs and songs about being a creep. Most of the songs have a fiery setting combined with those guitar and echoed vocals. It's new, it's old, it's great.

La Luz - You Dissapear
La Luz - Don't Wanna Be Anywhere
La Luz - I Wanna Be Alone (With You)
La Luz - Black Hole, Weirdo Shrine


Brian hat gesagt…

Hey Walter. These gals are one of my favorites here on the local scene. I have featured them a couple of times myself, but I didn't know about a new album. Thanks for the info.

Walter hat gesagt…

Hey Brian,
thank you for this kind words. You've introduced me to your local band. I think they have a great chance to get popular by their new album and I wish I could see them live at my place.