Freitag, 24. Juli 2015

Endless Drive

There is a lot of new music that I could share through the summer. But there is one record that I listen to very often this time. It's by It Hugs Back. Their latest record impressed me so much that it was on a heavy rotation during the last days. I love them laid-back sound and their arrangements. It made me feel easy when I finished work after long hours. Tomorrow my company will celebrate their 150th birthday with more than 700 people. I have to be a part of it for a few hours and I am horrified when I see drunken co-workers dancing to that fucking classics of the so called New German Wave. Hope to god that I might leave this place before this things will happen.

3 Kommentare:

The Swede hat gesagt…

I must admit that I've never previously listened to anything by this band - mainly because of their awful name! This is my mistake as 'Endless Drive' is really good. I can almost feel a Balearic Remix coming on!
New German Wave? Have I missed something? I hope the party was tolerable and that, unlike the gentleman in the photo, you had more than a simple loaf of bread to eat.

lithium hat gesagt…

Hallo Bruder. Schön, dass dir das Album gefällt. Ein weiterer Tipp zur Tiefenentspannung:
Jimmy Lavalle hat einen sehr schönen Score auf Soundcloud gestellt, der in ein paar Wochen auch regulär veröffentlicht wird. Jimmy LaValle ist mir durch seine Kooperation mit Mark Kozelek aufgefallen. "Before you know it" höre ich sehr viel beim Arbeiten. Wie gerade jetzt ;)

Dirk hat gesagt…

Ha ha .... yes, it's bound to be awful tomorrow musicwise, Walter, and I will think of you when I'll sit in the garden on me own and enoy a few beers and some nice Music from yesteryear. I can already tell you tomorrow's playlist, that's for sure! SOmething by fucking George Michael followed by fucking Hubert Kah's Sternehimmel followed by fucking Klaus Lage followed by fucking Europe's fucking 'Final Countdown', the worst tune of the fucking lot!