Mittwoch, 29. Juli 2015


A few days ago I posted some German songs. One of them I knew for a lot of years. The track I posted was found on you-tube. I didn't made many minds on it until The Swede asked me for more details on it. So I tried to get more information by the Internet for this artist. After all I've to say that my investigation was fruitless. I really don't know where this version is from, neither when it was released. The only thing I found about this beauties were uploaded by 'Von Nord nach Südwest' - if it is a record label or not; I don't know. Anyway, these are some great tracks with a deep psychedelic touch and Spartan instrumentation. Most of the songs have a slow steady flow with some superb and minimal played guitars.

So if anybody out there knows more about these records - please let me know.

Flowerpornoes - Eins, zwo, drei, vier
Flowerpornoes - Nine Miles High
Modustrio - Schlafende Steine
Modustrio - Syd Barret Blues

And this is for The Swede: This a song by Flowerpornoes that I used to listen decades ago and that is typical for their sound in this time. An of course I got this record by the cover.


lithium hat gesagt…

Hmmm. Tolles Stück. Ich habe auch ein bisschen recherchiert.
Ich glaube es gibt keinen offiziellen Release des Stücks in der langen Version. Der Uploader hat scheinbar eine Outtake-Quelle. Interessanterweise nennt sich der Uploader "Nord über Südwest". Scheinbar ein Liwa-Fan, denn so sollte ein Album von Tom Liwa heißen ( Na ja, habe mal nach der Quelle direkt über YouTube angefragt...
Danke wie immer fürs Posten.
Btw, mein Lieblings-Flowerpornoes-Stück war auf dem legendären Spex-Sampler "Sturm & Twang": Red nicht von Straßen. Auch hier: Track ist exklusiv auf dem Sampler und nicht auf der gleichnamigen CD von den Flowerpornoes zu finden.

The Swede hat gesagt…

Thanks for these Walter. I really like the Modustrio tunes and 'Eins Zwo..', which you've accidentally posted twice! I'd love to hear 'Nine Miles High' too if you could upload it. I enjoy meandering, noodling instrumentals a great deal, as long as they are interesting - and these are very good indeed. 'Mein Herz' is also good, but could almost be by a different band.

Walter hat gesagt…

Oops - there was something wrong. But it happens when you are in hurry and your concentration gets lost. Anyway, I know people have problems with the download nowadays. So if you give me your email-adress I'll send you the files.

drew hat gesagt…

I really liked that. Thanks Walter.