Montag, 13. Juli 2015

70 Years Old And Still Making Music

One of my earliest memories when I started getting interested in music was listening to Pete Townshend's first solo record Who Came First at my pals place. From this time on I was a huge fan of him and his music. I read in the news that he released a best of album these days. According to the fabulous series of imaginary compilations over at JC's place I asked myself if this compilation would include the songs I would put on my list. I miss more songs from his best record ever Rough Mix, his fantastic collaboration with the unforgotten Ronnie Lane. I think he didn't made this kind of relaxed songs before and after. Anyway, the best songs of this record and his first one are on the compilation so I can agree with it.

Pete Townshend - Sheraton Gibson
Pete Townshend - My Baby Gives It Away
Pete Townshend -.Hard To Hang Onto
Pete Townshend - Keep Me Turning

On this compilation are two previously unreleased tracks. Guantanamo is a song based on an organ loop, a bass line and and a drum part to be added with acoustic guitar. He's not singing on this song - he shouts out his statements. I miss his guitar so judge this song by yourself.

Pete Townshend - Guantamo

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