Freitag, 31. Januar 2020

The Comfort Of Madness

Bildergebnis für pale saints

Probably the best you can say about anniversary albums is, that they bring back memories of almost forgotten bands. So it happened when I got the news that Pale Saints' album from 1990 was released with additional material. Pale Saints were one of those bands that transported the C86-sound into the new decade. Powerful songs with great harmonies ruled the album and made it to one of the best albums of this year. Good to remember them again.

Pale Saints - Sight of You
Pale Saints - Fell From The Sun
Pale Saints - She Rides The Wave (John Peel Session)


The Swede hat gesagt…

The anniversaries seem to be coming thick and fast just lately Walter. It's hard to believe that 30 years have passed since this LP was released.

TheRobster hat gesagt…

A tremendous album that still sounds good today. It would be classed as "dream-pop" now. The fact it's 30 years old is shocking though, isn't it? I still have my original copy on the shelf, almost as pristine as the day I bought it.

Echorich hat gesagt…

I have to agree, The Pale Saints' Comfort Of Madness was a welcome start to the 90's, but it's unfortunate that the decade, didn't live up to the promise of a release like this. One of my favorite Vaughn Oliver album covers as well!