Sonntag, 26. Januar 2020


Bildergebnis für die aeronauten band

A few days ago the news arrived that Oliver Maurmann aka Guz died at the age of 52 waiting for a new heart to get engrafted. Guz  was the lead singer and songwriter of a former punk band from the early 90' based in Schaffhausen, Switzerland. They soon left their roots and tried to do something different. They included Rockabilly, pop, garage-rock and soul (especially horns) into their sound and started singing in German. They soon got part of the so called Hamburg school that was famous for their new interpretation of guitar music.

Rest well Guz

Die Aeronauten - Bettina
Die Aeronauten - Schnee
Die Aeronauten - Eddie und ich

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Dirk hat gesagt…

What a fucking shame! Die Aeronauten always were fantastic, one of the top five German-speaking bands, as far as I'm concerned!