Freitag, 24. Januar 2020

Purchased Because Of The Cover

When I have looked some days ago in my bookshelf for something, I discovered a book I didn't knew that I still own it. Album Cover Album was released by Storm Thorgerson's Hipgnosis and it is a review of classic album designs from the 50's to the mid 70's and had the size of a regular LP. When I riffled through the book I remembered when I browsed through the boxes in record stores and an album cover attracted my attention and made me curious how the music will sound. Often the cover has decisively influenced my purchase decision. This happened by the pictured album above by Fumble a British Rock 'n' Roll band. They released this self titled album back in 1972 and it is filled with cover versions from the 60's. They were as a cover band rather good but who needs them you can listen to the originals? And I have to admit that I didn't listen much to this record but the cover is fantastic. Probably I will start a series about albums with great covers.

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JC hat gesagt…

Brilliant idea!