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Most of us will remember the days of post-punk and new wave in 1980. The radio was filled with a lot of great music that was mostly fast and impulsive. But it was also the year one of my all-time favourite albums was released. Young Marble Giants released with Colossal Youth a sharp contrast to all the other bands. The brothers Moxham created a minimalist sound around the beautiful voice of Alison Statton. The combination of a dominant bass, the sound of a Rickenbacker guitar, organ and Alison's voice was something I never heard before and after. I bought this record by recommendation of my local record dealer and from this day this album was on heavy rotation on my turntable. I don't have to explain why this record is important or which influences you can hear on it because most of you will know and the web is full of credits. I think sometimes you have to remember and listen to milestones of music.

Young Marble Giants - Searching For Mister Right
Young Marble Giants - Include Me Out
Young Marble Giants - Wurlitzer Jukebox
Young Marble Giants - Salad Days
Young Marble Giants - Cakewalking

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Echorich hat gesagt…

Colossal Youth is a very special album for me. More than any other album, it represents Rough Trade Records. But most importantly, it sounds like nothing else. From its "big, little sound," its minimalist DIY ethic, to the barriers breaking song structures and Allison Statton's soft, yet eerie vocals, there isn't anything quite like it.
You are so very correct Walter. It's a milestone.