Montag, 2. April 2018

Frequency Rhythm Distortion Delay

Bildergebnis für Psychic Lemon

You know that you are getting old when assert that a song is new to you although you heard this song a few month ago. This happened to me on my yesterday's post when I featured Olden Yolk. I listened to Takes One To Know One back in December when it was first featured by The Swede. I posted a positive comment and sadly forgot to write down to check their upcoming album in February this year. So thanks to him for introducing me to this (and many other) bands. The fact that it goes also differently I want to prove today. Drew introduced us a few weeks ago to Psychic Lemon and I followed his advice to spent some money for this record. And it is worth every cent.

Psychic Lemon are a Cambridge based band with probably the finest sound somewhere between psych, Krautrock and space rock. While most psyche bands first of all on atmospheric, slowly rising sound sceneries place, Psychic Lemon immediately get cracking with a rocket start, by wild percussion and fat bass sped up. Also the guitars do not keep waiting long, to dark songs as if they came directly from the crypt, her menacing stories tell. Then a propelling percussion dissolves the horror mood and increases up to really lust E guitar-solo. If I have to drop some names than I would lik
e to call them like Mogwai on speed or the resurgent Hawkwind.

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