Sonntag, 1. April 2018

Psychedelic Folk On Sunday

Bildergebnis für olden yolk

A few days ago I poked in bandcamps releases of the last weeks and I found a band I never heard before. Their music made me investigate for more. Olden Yolk is a project by Shane Butler and Caity Shaffer and they released their first album a few weeks ago. It would be another good folk album with tight vocal harmonies over motorik rhythms and spry hooks if they didn't absorbed their parents music. They add to their songs the best of the late 60's psychedelic bands. You can hear a fuzzy guitar on one song and Jefferson Airplane-like guitar-passages that takes you back to these days. It is a long time ago that a band reminds me to artists like John Martyn and the early Pink Floyd on one record. Absolute amazing.

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The Swede hat gesagt…

Hey Walter, you've definitely hear these guys before because you left a positive comment after a post on them over at my place in December last year! It's a great LP and Butler's main band Quilt are well worth checking out too. Olden Yolk are on tour in the UK at the moment, but sadly they're not playing anywhere near me.