Samstag, 21. April 2018


Bildergebnis für pete townshend who came first

Back in 1972 Pete Townshend released his first solo album after years working together with The Who. It was one of the first albums ever I listened to in full time. An older friend of my close friend in school days introduced us to this record. Since then I was impressed by the work of Pete Townshend. Not that I like everything he did after The Who but I always felt that he made his very own music without his bandmates. The songs on this album are totally different to the sound of the mod-like The Who and maybe the reason is that Ronnie Lane guided Pete to another way of sound. These days an anniversary edition was released with some out-takes and other stuff. And on this record he showed us his affection to country/folk inspired music that he couldn't do with his band. But this doesn't matter at all - it is still fun listening to this old songs again.

Pete Townshend - Evolution
Pete Townshend - There's A Heartache Following Me
Pete Townshend - Time Is Passing

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