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German Oak

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Warning: Don't be dazzled about the band and the record cover - this is not a nazi tribute!

The recent days I noticed that there was a re-release of one of the most obscure German bands at all. In the early 70's a few musicians got together in Düsseldorf experimentation on very new sounds. Influenced by very early Krautrock and free improvisations they made a very unique sound. I have to admit that I never heard of them before and curious about their music. Most of their songs were very long and instrumentals and had a very hypnotic sound. Based on the blues rock of the late 60's they created a different guitar sound with riffs, short guitar solos on a steady rocking ground of drum abd bass. Not that I would call them psychedelic and their songs were not structured at all and if someone would spent some times to arrange them well they could be classics. German Oaks are one of those bands that played their own style and had less supporters but listening now to this music after almost 45 years they sound more fresh and innovative than many of nowadays acts. They sampled a speech of Adolf Hitler at the Nuremberg rally and I don't like listening to this. But it was a giant step in these days acting like that. They were hippies and surely were dismissed the fucking third reich but it is the only band that made things like this in the early 70's in Germany. I don't know if Julian Cope knows them but I am sure he would love them - another one who will play them could be Andrew Weatherall. But this will be another story.

German Oak -  Raid Over Dusseldorf
German Oak -  Swastika Rising
German Oak -  Third Reich

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I've been reading about this one Walter. Good to have the chance to check out some tunes. thanks.