Freitag, 2. Dezember 2016

Remember Fruitbat and JimBob

Bildergebnis für carter usm

Over at WYCRA by doing their rundown from 200 a band was featured that made an immense attraction to me in the early 80's. Carter USM (what a name to a band) were a band that appeared to my radar in the late 80's/early 90's. The first record I bought was 30 Something, a title that made me a little bit confused. But listening to the record at my local record store made to buy this record. I have to say that it was on a heavy rotation at this time until now. To promote their record they came close to my place and me and my youngest brother took the chance to see them live. It was at a small venue in the area of Stuttgart university. It was not filled with a big audience and the audience was filled with fans to their sound. Never before I heard a band live playing samples and giving the audience a new experience to their very unique sound. It is still one concert I certainly will never forget and as said over at WYRCA: I left with a grin on my face. Knowing that there are a lot of fans out there I sadly think that they didn't got their effort in music right now. Anyway, it is a band that companied me during the last decades and I will never miss their music.

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My first experience of Carter USM was also at a small venue and by coincidence was at a University venue in Glasgow in February 1991. Saw them at least ten times more in later years and they were always great fun.

You should read this excellent book:-