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Bildergebnis für die wilde jagd band

Back to electronic music and a band that impressed me much this year. Die Wilde Jagd (The Wild Hunt) is one of the latest bands from Düsseldorf which keeps the spirit of this city alive. Düsseldorf is well known as the birthplace of German punk and electronic music. Krautrock is the synonym I would give them because they they formed a sound that Cluster, Faust or other bands of this genre would play in these days. It is a musical project by Ralf Beck and Sebastian Lee Phillip both trying to find a new sound based on German  myths. Their soundscape is marked by repetitive guitar loos, electronic percussion, drums an sythesizers. Booming tom-toms and medieval-sounding flutes herald the start of the hunt. Whispering, reciting voices conjure up the spirits of the woods, while synthetic sounds and melodies and noices filt about before they are re-captured, structured and grounded by crystalline beats and pulsing bass lines. This record is like a trip backwards to the golden times of Krautrock played with a very modern style.

Die Wilde Jagd - Wah Wah Wallenstein
Die Wilde Jagd - Austerlitz
Die Wilde Jagd - Der Meister
Die Wilde Jagd - Der Elektrische Reiter

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