Freitag, 9. Dezember 2016

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You might know that there is music for every mood you are in. Seldom enough there is music that fits when your in a good mood and in a worse atmosphere. A band that fits in both moods comes from the Netherlands. Bombay is the project by Mathias Janmaat a multi-instrumentalist located in Amsterdam. He's on the scene during many years and this is the first record I recognized him. Deeply based in the tradition of Grunge he adds a lot of low-fi ingredients to his powerful sound. Their songs works with powerful drums and a mighty bass. Their songs are different in their structures and moods. Sometimes dark and gloomy and if you give them a chance you might find a great new band.

Bombay - Slow Motion
Bombay - Gold Rush
Bombay - Lighten The Low


Kinggangsta 30 Fnaffreddy hat gesagt…

Great series this, Walter. Time to discover my next favourite band. Thank you.

George hat gesagt…

Very impressed with yesterday's electronica, and with today's music by Bombay.