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Bildergebnis für jagwar ma every now and then

Jagwar Ma, an Australian psychedelic dance band released their second album early this year. If they surprised me with their first record than they impressed me with this one. It is a sound with spherical ambient, danceable rhythms and fluent crossings between the songs. It is not only one sound on this record - they put together very different sounds/influences to their very unique electronic sound. Almost every song is different to the others. Sometimes you have a great groove, sometimes you can hear a garage-guitar between the vocal harmonies. The best I can say is that the more you listen to the songs you find something new you didn't recognized the last time. In my eyes an underrated record of this year.

Jagwar Ma - Loose Ends
Jagwar Ma - Give Me A Reason
Jagwar Ma -High Rotations
Jagwar Ma - Don't Make It Right

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