Mittwoch, 25. November 2015

Upon The Recommendation Of Martin

Last Sunday my youngest brother came from Mannheim to make a visit by our mother. So we joined there for a while and went afterwards for a drink. As ever we turned into talking about the latest music and what we preferred during the last month. So he recommended me an artist I never heard before: Clark. Following his suggestion I investigated about this artist.

Chris Clark is a thirty something British musician performing under the mononym Clark. He was signed by Warp records at the beginning of the new century and released several recordings until now. It's not easy to describe his music and mostly filed under electronic music. But it is more than this because he experiments with forms of degradation, decay and distortion. Though, his music got a touch of a soundtrack for the end of the world. Clark's music is based on machines - samplers, software and synths. For my ears it is like a merging of techno, ambient, classical, electro, noise and post-rock with the skill of a virtuoso. Surly not music for everyone and he makes music that sounds like the end of the world. But he also makes you want to live long enough to see what will that look like.


The Swede hat gesagt…

Interesting Walter. I particularly enjoyed 'Omni Vignette'. Do you know 'The Disintegration Loops', a series of 4 albums by William Basinski? The music was recorded onto magnetic tape and deliberately run through tape heads so many times that the listener can actually hear the sound degrading as it plays. It's very long and not for everyone, but parts of it are very effective.

Walter hat gesagt…

I never heard of him before but I'll investigate these series, Swede