Freitag, 5. September 2014

The Foreign Correspondent Returns - Stories About German Rock Music # 37

20 years ago a band was formed in Berlin that must be counted to the most controversial groups of the last years. Rammstein is counted musically to the new German hardness. Their sign is one as "a primitively" described music style which the band members themselves call "dance metal", as well as often controversially discussed lyrics. Mainly inspired by the sound collages of the Yugoslavian avant-garde band Laibach Rammstein made their own industrial sound. In my opinion they combined classical Hard Rock with Alternative Metal and elements of Krautrock and Techno as well. The lyricx of Rammstein and above all their talk by singer Till Lindemann are an essential element of the music and stamp the perception by fans and a broader public clearly., Among the rest, this is due to the fact that often very controversial, put under taboo and pubic-occupied subjects are chosen like BDSM, homosexuality, incest, sexual abuse, sex tourism, pyromania, cannibalism, asylum-seeker, the play with religious pictures and effect of violence during the sexual act or an unusual perception on this. And as the featured in a video parts of Leni Riefenstahl's movies they were put into the neo-fascism corner. And not completely wrongfully - if one hears like be the singer pronounces the rolling 'R' allows to roll recollections of the megalomaniac leader already arise. For god's sake, many of you are not able to understand the lyrics (with which I agree in no manner and from which I dissociate myself). Therefore, simply listen to the music - then it has it in itself. Detached by all allusions which I hold only for a clever marketing strategy, there are in Germany less band which are able to play that aggresiv and heavy sound.

Rammstein - Kokain


TheRobster hat gesagt…

A very good friend of mine professed his liking of Rammsteinn. I was pretty shocked as I, rightly or wrongly, associated them with the fascist links you mentioned. He was amazed as he was as anti-fascist as I was and had never heard of any such association.

Anyway, I wondered if you'd come across this amazing tribute band:

They even supported Rammsteinn themselves:

Be warned - the drummer has a cute factor that is off the scale!

drew hat gesagt…

Fuck sake, that is awful Walter. I had avoided ever hearing Rammsteinn up until today and sadly wish I had not clicked upon those video links.