Samstag, 6. September 2014

That's What We Watched On TV Year Ago # 12

I remember the time when serials yet did not drip with blood, the actors still no models had to be and one could colive, nevertheless, or just so with the figures. All Creatures Great and Small is the title of a BBC TV serial of the late 1970s and 1980s years which plays Dales in Yorkshire. The autobiographic books of the British veterinary surgeon James Alfred Wight which he published under the pseudonym James Herriot form the basis of the series.

The story was very simple: In the end of the 1930s the young, freshly qualified veterinarian James Herriot travels in the small, fictive place Darrowby in the northern English county North Yorkshire to work as an assistant at the terrestrial animal doctor Siegfried Farnon there. Siegfried is a responsible and in this subject excellent veterinarian, but an unpredictable choleric person with whose mood James learns to live only with the time.
Other people in Skeldale House are Siegfried's feisty housekeeper Edna Hall and his clearly younger brother Tristan who provides in practice famuliert and with his schoolboy like quirks for some mess. Tristan would also like to become a good veterinarian, however, he lacks the ambition to work for it also, and thus he falls regularly by check what can bring Siegfried who sees himself towards Tristan in the role of the father in rage. In a house visit James gets to know the farm daughter Helen Alderson and love; on the occasion of the wedding by the end of the first relay Siegfried James makes his partner.

The series covers their charm on the one hand from the tensions between the protagonists, on the other hand, from the partly droll peculiarities of the cattle farmers and domestic animal holders in Yorkshire. The Pekinese Tricki-Woo, the pampered little lap dog of the rich and distinguished Mrs. Pumphrey turns out Herriots the most loyal patient. This series had charm, the protagonists heart and the stories were absolutely plausible. I still like to see some of these episodes time by time.

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