Sonntag, 14. September 2014

From The In-Box

A couple of new artists arrived throughout the last weeks that are worth to named in this series. Let's start on this rainy Sunday with Ryan David Orr. He's an American singer/songwriter based in Lakeside, Arizona. Learned to play fiddle and guitar in his youngest days. After some experiments in grunge music he returned to his folk roots. Rootstime Magazine, Holland describes his music this way: "Ryan David Orr has a warm, beautiful voice with which he intimates feelings of sorrow or joy...similar to that of Chris Martin (Coldplay), Damien Rice, or Ryan Adams." And I agree.

Ryan David Orr - Margaret
Ryan David Orr - Lucky Is Enough

London based LAZYFLUX showed up with their self called Alternative Trip Rock. They name Pink Floyd as their influence and right - on some songs they try to do it in this way. I'm not into long organ parts and that's what they should use it less. But Zanzibar Bazaar is a great song. Starting with a bubbling guitar they move more to the times when bands like Red Guitars were famous.

LAZYFLUX - Zanzibar Bazaar

The House The Old is the project of Imran Siddiqui, a singer/songwriter from Virginia. Nothing more or less a very good arranged rock song that should be played on classic rock stations. 'Missing' takes a stand against violence on women - a campaign he started over his homepage.

The House The Old - Missing

Meditative Jam is the way Jim Dennis describes his music. Located in California you may think it's inspired by the westcoast sound. But it's different. Based on blues pattern he plays longer improvisations on them. In the back there were drums that oscillate between early The Doors and zappaesc drumming. Worth to listen to.

Jim Dennis - Illumine The Reflection
Jim Dennis - Penetrating Light

Let's finish for today with Eddy Bayes. Like many other singer/songwriters he used to play in pubs in London in his earlier days. Since moving stateside he developed his very own style. Torn between the influences of John Martyn, Beck and Tracy Chapman he found his music home. His fine songs were supplemented by the cello played by Abi Loutoo.

Eddy Bayes - Sail On
Eddy Bayes - Roads

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