Sonntag, 4. Juni 2023

Harmonicas Are Shite


Last night, as every year, thousands of people flocked to our city to have a good time at a music night. 61 bands played at 39 locations from late afternoon until midnight. Most of the bands are local musicians who have been an integral part of the music night for years. Since this event has been going on for 25 years now and I have been to more than half of them, I decided not to participate and to move from location to location (especially since I live in the city centre and can hear many bands when I open the window). The first event was initiated years ago by a local blues guitarist who brought the idea of a Fete de la Musique from France. Local musicians play at different venues and the money raised goes to a social institution. I took part in the first events, but over the years the variety of musical styles has diminished and mostly only more or less good cover versions are played by the bands. 

That's why my brother and I decided to watch the Cup final instead. I also learned from him that Fila Brazillia have released a new album that summarises various phases of their development. Fila Brazillia is a project of Hull's Steve Cobby and always worth playing. Electronic music with lots of synthesizers characterise Cobby's sound, which is often able to create a sparse scenario with its redubbed rhythms.  

This beautiful compilation of his music is crowned with a new song. Toro De Fuego is a song for the summer with his it Latin/Balearic rhythms and great piano parts. 

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John Medd hat gesagt…

I recognised that title straight away! That's you and K now on the FilBraz vibe - I love 'em too.