Sonntag, 5. April 2020

The Pusher

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To attract someones attention is the main task in promotion. In music it could be in scandals, outfits, behavior or recording a cover version. That's what Deap Lips a new collaboration by Flaming Lips and Deap Vally did for promoting their new album. Deap Vally are a Californian two piece heavy rocking band and collaborated with Flaming Lips for a trip into semi-acoustic psychedelic pop fields. But to cover Steppenwolf's The Pusher was enough to get my attention. In their version this anti-drug song sound like a drug-song. Anyway I like this song.

And here is the original by Canadian-American band Steppenwolf. A heavy blues number made famous when it was played in the first sequences in Born To Be Wild, when Fonda and Hopper bought their drugs to go to the Mardi Gras.

Steppenwolf - The Pusher

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