Donnerstag, 2. April 2020

From The Inbox

The Room in the Wood's stream on SoundCloud - Hear the world's sounds

In these days where we banned from social contacts I found the time to check the inbox that was filled with promotions. To be honest, most of them I delete before reading. Those promotion mails that seemed to be interesting I put into a folder to read them when I will find the time. Reading some of these mails I was lead to a Liverpool based band named The Room In The Wood. Fun of The Fair is a song from their upcoming album. It has a stomping beat with nods to glam rock, name-checking T-Tex, 70's reminiscences and a flair of a departure to fame.

Listening to these songs I supposed that the musicians were longer active. Reading the press kit it was confirmed that they play for ages. They started their career in the early 80's in Liverpool as another post-punk band called The Room and released a few albums. Sadly I didn't owe one but I found one song on a sampler from these decade. Another band that was sadly forgotten because there own sound was filled with ingredients of Joy Division, The Fall and Echo & The Bunnymen.

The Room - Things Have Learnt to Walk That Ought to Crawl

After the band split two members formed Benny Profane, another band that was a short piece in history. Based on the sound of The Room they developed their sound and were more melodious and created an almost perfect pop-/rock-song.

Benny Profane - Skateboard to Oblivion

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