Dienstag, 6. August 2019

Long Song On Tuesday

Bildergebnis für man band

In the late 60's Deke Leonard and and Micky Jones formed Man, a Welsh based band who played the best Westcoast, progressive and psychedelic sound in Great Britain (just for me). Man got a big name during their live adventures playing long improvisations and sessions of their songs. Many of them crossed the border of 10 minutes and I always had a big spot on them because their sound made me feel very happy in the early 70's before the great culture clash started with punk. Spunk Rock is one of Man's anthems during the last decades and I heard it many times during the last ages. This version might be one of their best. Sadly this Welsh rockers didn't got the acclaim they should have.

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FurryBootsCityBoy hat gesagt…

Saw them live twice in the early 1970's - both times were a joyous experience from a band that always lifted you up. One of my all time favourite albums is "Be Good To Yourself At Least Once A Day".