Donnerstag, 29. August 2019

Let's Get Back To Power Pop

Bildergebnis für the rubinoos

It was in the mid of the 70's when bands turned their back to classic rock 'n' roll to search their own identity and they remembered their roots. At this time a lot of bands like Duxe Deluce and Dave Edmunds got back to the native sound of music. The Rubinoos were one of those bands from across the ocean that kept the flag of pub-rock alive. Less songs more than tree minutes made us feel happy. I know that it is a forgotten band but I got back to their songs through the last weeks and I can only say that they still make me happen to them listen again after all these years. Probably close to perfect pop-songs and still worth to listen to.

The Rubinoos - I think we're alone now
The Rubinoos - I want to be your girlfriend

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