Sonntag, 4. August 2019

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Bildergebnis für psychedelic

A few days ago I noticed that a music magazine had a free CD inside with artists and songs from an era long gone by. And it made me smile to got remembered to this music that was played in my very younger days. Some of those artists are forgotten or didn't got the critical acclaim that they should have got. Here are two of them I would like to bring to your attention. First one was Quintessence, a band from London that made a unique sound in the late 60's/early 70's. Their style was a crossover from progressive rock, psychedelic and jazz with influences of music from India. Hippie-sound of course but far better than the average of this genre.

The other one is from an artist I featured several times during the last years and I can't stop doing it further. John Cale is one of those artists I follow from the beginnings of his career and his music has the perfect balance of testing noisy borders in music and peaceful and relaxed piano sounds.

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