Samstag, 10. November 2018

Electric Ladyland

Bildergebnis für jimi hendrix

It is the time record companies offer music maniacs a lot of box-sets. And it seems that they release more box-sets about an album instead of putting together compilations of an artist. The last days box-sets about Blood on the Track and Beatles' White Album was released and now they announce a set about Jimi Hendrix' Electric Ladyland. The 3 CD/6 Vinyl includes the original record surrounded by early take, demos and outtakes from the recording sessions and was added by a live concert from 1968. I took this for a chance to listen once again to my old vinyl of this record and I have to say that they still didn't lost any attraction to me. Showing Hendrix at the top of his abilities makes this record a masterpiece.

Jimi Hendrix - Long Hot Summer Night
Jimi Hendrix - Gypsy Eyes
Jimi Hendrix - 1983...(A Merman Should Turn To Be)

2 Kommentare:

FurryBootsCityBoy hat gesagt…

Gypsy Eyes is an all time favourite of mine. Always lifts me up.

Brian hat gesagt…

I don't bite too often on these album box sets, but I have asked for the Village Green Preservation Society box for Christmas. Going to your old vinyl seems like a pretty smart move to me.