Montag, 8. Oktober 2018

Monday Long Song

Bildergebnis für can monster movie

Drew offered a competition of long songs featured on a Monday. So I join this challenge with a song that accompany me since almost 40 years. I often listened to it and I am still fascinated what a young band made in Cologne back in 1969. Their first album called Monster Movie contains only four songs and their masterpiece Yoo Doo Right is the only one on side two. It is a ride through Can's krautrock and psychedelic spheres and the result of a session. Still unbelievable that Jaki Liebezeit plays his drums like a metronome and Holger Czukay's virtuosic bass lines. Primal Scream paid tribute to this song in 1991 when the used to Can's lyrics in Movin On Up

I was blind, now I can see
You made a believer out of me

Can - Yoo Doo Right

3 Kommentare:

The Swede hat gesagt…

An absolutely magnificent selection Walter!

Rol hat gesagt…

Great album cover.

drew hat gesagt…

Great tune Walter