Samstag, 20. Oktober 2018

Darkness Rains

Bildergebnis für death valley girls

This is the title of Los Angeles based psychedelic and punk influenced Death Valley Girls. They are back as usually with militant beats, chaotic lyrics, swirling riffs and some pop harmonies. All songs were kept together with a psychedelic frame. Made to be played loud. Later this day I'll see what Stuttgart will do to left the bottom of the table. We got a new manager but a few players came back playing that needless Nations League. And we will play against Dortmund standing on the top of the table.

2 Kommentare:

drew hat gesagt…

Good luck against Dortmund Walter.

I too have been checking out this lot. The cost of shipping from the States has made the vinyl not viable unfortunately

Nic hat gesagt…

My sympathies for your team meeting Dortmund in form. My own team managed a first win of the season in the Premier league to take them off the bottom. Stay positive. Love the blog.