Freitag, 19. Oktober 2018

Kind Of Girl

Bildergebnis für paul collins musician

Today I got a day of to reduce my overtime before they were cut at the end of the month and my co-worker gets into holiday from next week on. So I will do something at my home that I deferred for longer time. Seems like a rather relaxing day for me listening to some new and old music along my duties. Today's song is from the new record by Paul Collins, a Los Angeles based musician that is active since the mid 70's. He formed The Nerves, a power-pop trio that got little success not only because they've written Blondie's Hanging On The Telephone. Later he transformed the band into Paul Collins' Beat not to be mistaken with the British ska band The Beat. From the mid 70's until now he was true to his sound - power pop and emotional songs about love.

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Brian hat gesagt…

Not the Beat that usually comes to mind, but I'm a sucker for that late '70s early '80s power-pop sound. Rock N Roll Girl is a particular favorite.