Dienstag, 14. Februar 2017

One Eye Open

Bildergebnis für vintage pictures

Last weekend I had a very nice time with my youngest brother talking about this and that. He guided my to spotify and the possibilities it have. I am a starter but I will add this to my possibilities in listening music. As we set together he introduced me to this new song by Danish multi-instrumentalist Anders Trentemoller. He's in the scene since ages for electronic music an remixes. This one is more earthed than a lot of other songs he made. A steady flow with a superb voice within a very own choreography. A reduced but propulsive piece of music.

4 Kommentare:

Echorich hat gesagt…

Trentemøller is always on my radar. He has a pretty broad electronic pallatte so I've never bored of his music and look forward to discovering each new release. This is an especially good one Walter!

Chris hat gesagt…

As a Dane, I'v heard of Trentmøller. Think my favorite is his remix of Springsteen's State Trooper, which to me is an improvement on the 1982 original.
Spotify is a great service which I often use. If you install Adblock Plus (for free) you can even avoid all the ads!

Swiss Adam hat gesagt…

Trentmoller is always worth looking our for

Swiss Adam hat gesagt…

Looking out for I mean.