Montag, 13. Februar 2017

I Give The Power

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One more song against what happened since D.T. sits on the regulators. Never thought that Arcade Fire made a statement against what happened in the USA weeks ago. It was no accident hat they released this song was published by chance on the day by Donald Trump's swearing-in ceremony to the president of the USA. It celebrates the power of the people, the democracy, besides, lets already also rather clearly play the muscles and is ready for battle. From whom goes the power out? We can also take away differently - namely the power also again.

Instead of with guitars, string players and choirs he comes along with sluggish industrial beats– and with a guest singer: Mavis Staples sings together with Win Butler, among the rest, the lines "I can take it all away - watch me!". There is so many hope in songs these days that we all can stop him and his barbarous politc.

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The Swede hat gesagt…

A great song, which is deservedly getting a lot of play on 6Music. I watched the Mavis Staples documentary film 'Mavis!' over the weekend - highly recommended.

C hat gesagt… great. Thank you.