Sonntag, 28. Januar 2024

From The Inbox


The first week of work after my holiday is over and has confirmed that my decision to retire this year was the right one. It wasn't the work itself that was stressful, but the commute to and from work. Due to the train driver's strike, local public transport was largely paralyzed. Avoiding busses and changing trains several times cost me more energy than the tasks at my office. I found relaxation after work when I checked my inbox for new and excitin music and discovered some gems among them.

In Germany last week around a million people took to the streets against right-wing extremism. Something is happening on the streets again, in people's minds and Beth Ditto wrote the song Real Power about this empowering feeling of standing up side by side for your own ideals. Inspired by the Blacl Lives Matter protest in her hometown she createt with Rick Rubin  a stirring dance-punk song with a great bass-line and accentuated  guitar riffs. Gossip is back and I look forward to her upcoming album.

Totally different to Gossip is Lola Young, a London based singer with a voice that fits perfect to her kind of Northern Soul influenced music. She has currently left the hip-hop influences of her earlier songs behind in favor of punkier guitars; the soulful melt of her voice still gives her stirring indie pop songs a soulful touch.

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