Sonntag, 27. November 2022

Twin Flame


In the days of mist and cold there could be a song by Weyes Blood from their new album the best opportunity to start into Sunday morning. Weyes Blood is the stage name of Natalie Mering and she is known as an indie-folk singer/songwriter. Sometimes compared with Joni Mitchel or if you like an exceeding Velvet's Nico she made records since a couple of years and is maybe known by a duet she done with Lana Del Ray a couple of years ago. Like many Californians she walks the folk path with her clear voice picking out the state of our world and love as central themes. on one song she moves away from acoustic guitars towards soft retro-drums an drum-computers for her rhythmic basic framework. A beautiful voice anyway and a sound you can drift away if it fits to you

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