Sonntag, 13. November 2022

Kristof Schreuf RIP


The sad news arrived that Kristof Schreuf died at the age of 59. Schreuf, born in Frankfurt was one of the leading figures of the so called Hamburger Schule, a post-punk sound from the early 90's and most of the bands were from Hamburg. He formed Kolossale Jugend a band that only released two albums but had a massive influence to German bands from the 90's. Like many other bands from this era they had a clear political left wing influenced attitude and their striking slogans were synonyms for many of us. I remember buying a t-shirt with Shut Up Germany. It was a statement to what happened Hoyerswerda, east Germany when neo-nazis lightened up an asylum-seekers home. Schreuf named his band after the debut of Young Marble Giants and Heile Heile Bouche was one of the soundtracks of the early 90's and their version of Talking Heads Heaven is still a great song.

Rest easy Kristof


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