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In November 1967 Arthur Lee and several roommates of his community from Laurel Canyon have released their third album Forever Changes a classic album of the psychedelic era. To be honest they didn't got critical acclaim wen this album was released. Their version of Burt Bacharach's My Little Red Book from their first album was another but great song from the early hippie movement. Their sound changed completely when they recorded their third album. Most of the musicians were highly on drugs during the record sessions and Lee had to hire session musicians to finish the album. What makes this album different except their classic Alone Again Or? For me the mixture of folk rock, acid rock and psychedelic rock combined with strings and horns what was very experimental at these days. For me this album sounds a lot like Nick Drake, another artist that made the same musical experiences over the Atlantic ocean years later. 

Love - My Little Red Book

Love - Live And Let Live

Love - Alone Again Or

Love - Old Man

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Great album Walter.