Dienstag, 25. Oktober 2022

What Happened To A Former Indie-Rock Band?


20 years ago a Sheffield based band appeared with thrilling guitar sound with a mixture of post-punk and garage rock on the scene. Arctic Monkeys and their debut album reached very high places in the charts and many called them the next big thing in music. I have to admit that I liked a few of their songs but they didn't really fascinated me. Now they returned with their seventh album The Car and they got a lot of critical acclaim. That made me starting listening to them once again. And after listening to this album I am not sure what I should think about this album. Is it a masterpiece of brit-pop and great songwriting or just another arty album showing their abilities in songwriting and ending in a Coldplay-like disaster? There are songs on this album, written and arranged well like I Ain't Quite Where I Think I Am but overproduced where Alex Turner can't decide if he plays a guitar like Mick Ronson or if he would wallow in a wah-wah-sound. On the other hand he tries to be a crooner like Elvis Costello trying to play an Bacharach-song. All in all every song was heard before in better quality. Sadly I am disappointed by this album. But this is only my opinion - maybe other people would like this one.

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TheRobster hat gesagt…

"just another arty album showing their abilities in songwriting and ending in a Coldplay-like disaster"

You've absolutely hit the nail on the head there Walter. While I would never want a band like Arctic monkeys to repeat themselves, I can't help feeling their new direction is going to alienate so many fans. They lost me with their last album, and I know a few others who are already rapidly losing patience.

JC hat gesagt…

The Robster has beaten me to it. There's a huge amount to enjoy and admire about The Arctic Monkeys, and fair play to Alex & Co. never wanting to stand still. But, as far as I'm concerned, this and the last album have been huge disappointments.