Sonntag, 30. Oktober 2022

I thought it would never happen again


After a very long time I went to watch my team live again. After the pandemic, I didn't renew my season ticket anymore because I didn't want to watch how Stuttgart lost almost every game at home and spoil a whole Saturday away from home. I watched the games particular on a TV-scream at my local pub or missed the games at all and I took the chance to watch them in the stadium when a working mate asked me if I am willing to join him because a friend of him didn't have the time to see the game. So I started at late morning and hit the train to meet the supporters on a sunny and warm day in cult-pub. They were all surprised to see me again after many months and we had a great time talking about this and that with a couple of beers beside. The game itself was what I expected from a team that is close to relegation. Dominating Augsburg over the whole time but not able to create scoring chances until the last 20 minutes. Until then it was a draw 1:1 and Stuttgart started fighting and winning the game. They created in 10 minutes more chances than in the 80 minute before. But not successful because shooting the ball on the post or Augsburg's keeper had every ball safe. You can't imagine how the crowd went crazy when Stuttgart made the final goal to win in the third minute of the extra time. And this is what I sometimes missed during the last months.

Today's song is the new one by Dives, a three piece female band from Vienna that was featured at this place a couple of years ago. I liked their sound inspired by pop, punk, surf and garage with a massive feeling for vocal harmonies. Wanna Take You There impresses with its catchy indie sound, multi-voiced vocal harmonies and a beautiful hookline that won't let you go so quickly. "The perfect late summer/autumn soundtrack: melancholic but extremely danceable.  

3 Kommentare:

Charity Chic hat gesagt…

I hope your team avoids relegation Walter.I have gotten out of the way of going to football as I don't find it value for money.Your ticket prices are much more reasonable.
I liked that Dives song.

The Swede hat gesagt…

I really like the new DIVES tune Walter and I'm checking out the rest of the album on Bandcamp as I type. I hope Brian's aware of this band, they're right up his street I reckon.

JC hat gesagt…

I can't imagine Saturdays without my football. And you describe, perfectly, the elation of a late winner!!

Oh, and that song is rather splendid! Thank you, my friend.